Tears In Silence

Tears In Silence
Type: Soundtracks,Classical
Track:Tears In Silence
Release Type: Single
Songwriter: Rahul Shailesh Vaghela
Number Of tracks: one Track
Released on: 7th February 2019
Genre: Classical, Piano-Classical

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Story behind Composition

Tears In Silence

This Musical Work is Composed wih only most the emotions of sadness twisted within on pure simplicity with no big story or else. when you listen it has all different key notes but for non professionals it would sound same for earlier ten-twenty notes. it has slow wave form of keys.Keys Starts and ends with same emotions so thing is no matter what you try but after all things have been done still it makes no change to your own emotion whether its sad , happy or exciting or else because we human choose in which emotion we would feel internally satisfied so it starts with sadness & ends with sadness unless you have the courage to change so that courage was projected in the middle of the muscial work with rock bass instruments which are totally a diffrent thing to play on but could not still there as person choose to stay sad.That is a total silence to others and makes sad the listners so they saw tears in their silence by their own projections.Its named as Tears In Silence.

©Dr Rahul Vaghela Music ™

℗Rahul Shailesh Vaghela