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Earn It

Released on:April 5th 2019



Mood:Winning & Earning


Classical Rock Style Music,incorporating Non traditional style of Musical notes of percussion starts with bass drums to give the heads on to the story of the theme which is earn it from the survivor warrior who challenges rivals to earn the place in the battleground or go home then the rival starts using boring violin one notes then crushes him completely till the end by finishing repeat notes of music for one last happy minute and saying that 'hey did you say go home? well I learnd all these just at staying home but you spent too much time on ground playing so next time go home more !'.Finally she earned it what he asked to .So winner was a girl so styled the artwork using butterfly which is flying outside still the person who said go home is in the box challenging to earn it.The conclusion is that he always been thinking that he is out of the box but a girl did put him inside the box with earn it - LABEL.

Sweet Celebration

Released on:March 29th 2019



Mood:Celebrational & Happy


Classical style, world genre; theme of the celebration musical notes, using alter saxophones and lute sounds with progressive structured Composition that speaks about our melody. Story is about the old men of group from jazz band who were about to get vanished from the town because of their old way of styling out music playing but they found their guts and fought back with new musical work and they all started to celebrate with unconvensional notes with fusion genre to conclude theme of their work. it has only simple four notes of saxophone but when all instrument players played their part on the perfect simple notes including bass drum ,it has made celebrational moments with slowed down of tempo which is the heart of the theme as those slow moments are being cached by them while they are seeing all smiling while they are performing.Sounds were originally made from the scratch by using score composer and then arranged to make a melody of score to make their story of joy in celebration within the socity.Couples get old moody moves on modern fusion style while having dinner on their important night and these guys felt beautiful honor to perform to calm and excite little to balance the emotions through music.

Freezing Fireside

Released on:January 25th 2019


Type:Extended Play

Mood:Wildlife & Cultural


Modern Classical Crossover,Fire Sparkling Sounds with pads of heaven vibrations with stories in mind to heal some places even if its harder to even step in.So thats why it has many colors of nature in the work of musical red color of wall describes that your thoughts are bounded by walls seems a fire of attitude for you to solve issues in your way but black color of words on it makes a nightmare for people on the other side who are trying to calm them so called it metaphore of freezing to relax them to chill.

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℗Rahul Shailesh Vaghela